Professional R&D Team

With the more than 10 years development, Honglv Capsaicin cultivated many professioanl chili planting specialists from agricultral universities, and now we have 110 R & D staff working for us. They work in different position and are in charge of different department to maintian the whole industry line. And also Honglv Capsaicin collaborates with prestigious universities and private research institutions worldwide in the biological assessment of efficacy and safety. 

- New Breed Cultivation

Honglv Capsaicin has our own chili breed cultivation lab, strive to research and cultivate the new breed with most active ingredients, best breed for red color, best breed for plantation in different area of China. For Example, Jiaoduo No. 1, is specially custivated and researched by Chinese Institute, biologosits, scientists working for 10 years, and specially grow in Yunnan Province, such area pepper contains active ingredients up to 5%~7%, and have some common with Mexican and Indian ghost pepper. In Yunnan, it has planted more than 13 million m3 such pepper, and expected expand 5 times more of such cultivation basement. 

- New Breed Testing and Farming

Honglv Capsaicin has multiple functional of testing base, covering 1000 mu for test new breeed of new products and new strains ( such as Jiaoduo No.1 and Jiaoduo No.2 etc). The operation mode is to set up company + cooperation + example base + farmer by relying on local specialized plantation cooperation. There are serveral service branches in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Gansu and so on. 

- Chili Products Manufacturing

All the chili products from Honglv Capsaicin producted by our special manufacturing process, as those manufacturing process started from the lab, designed by our engineer, and adjust it to meet the bulk production, and do the best to protect the nutrition of chili, and also refine the process to lower the cost, and overmore, the most important is the safety of our products in the whole production process. Each product production must be recorded, and marked in each step, from the raw material cleaning to proceed chili products. 

- Quality Analysis & Quality Check

Our well trained staff is dedicated to assure that all our products meet these standards before they are released for sale. All the chili products manufactured by Honglv Capsaicin must undergo a comprehensive series of tests for identity, purity and potency using international standards or in-house methods.

Our certificate of analysis includes standard results for marker compounds, Colour Value, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues, Solubility, Sidment, Rhodamine B, Sudan I, Sudan II, Sudan III, Sudan IV, Additional testing can be done on customer's request.

So far, Honglv Capsaicin has been positively cooperating with many domestic prestigious research institutions, Yunnan University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Science, and also Honglv Capsaicin has 10 national patents for extracting technologies, to lead the chili products manufacturing in the world first class level. 

We could arrange the following tests to assure the quality of our products:
- Species Indentification (TLC, IR, HPLC)
- Pesticide Residue Analysis (GC -C MS, HPLC, LC -C MS)
- Heavy Metal Analysis (ICP -C MS)
- ID Components Control ( HPLC, GC -C MS, LC -C MS, UV -CVIS)