Planting Base

Planting By Honglv Capsaicin®

Honglv Capsaicin® sub-company Yunnan Laduo Planting Co., Ltd specilized in Chili planting, Chili new breed cultivation and testing

Honglv Capsaicin has multiple locations of chili planting base in Yunnan and Xinjiang Provinces, covering 25,000 hectares for our own cultivated chili breed. Our annual output for paprika oleoresin is 2,000 MT, Capsaicin Oleoresin 5,000 MT. Honglv Capsaicin focuses on high-quality capsaicin products, which allows us to bring you superior products at very competitive prices through our efficient business model. 

Honglv Chili Planting Base

Honglv No.1 ChiliHonglv No. 2 Chilihonglv chilihonglv chili