Philosophy & Culture

Our Principleshonglv capsaicin®
→ Taking Technology innovation and product R & D as the powder
→ Giving the priority to the use of resource advantage
→ Staff's benefit and social responsibility is our mission

Our Future

→ To be the leader in the Chili Product Industry around the world

→ To be the most respectable company in the well-being industry

honglv capsaicin leader
Our Missionhonglv capsaicin make the world enjoy the healthy food
→  Pursue Fast and sustainable development for the Company
→  Bring benefits for the staff
→  Make contribution to the society
→  Bring Healthy, Safe, Green food additive to people's life

Our Value

customer satisfaction, honglv capsaicin
→  Achievement Customer

With great passion to promote the success of customer, to ensure that users will always be the

first beneficiary, depending on the product quality of life, with value and quality services to 

promote growth, continuing to exceed user expectations.

→  Integrityintegrity, honglv capsaicin

Honesty and integrity, simple and open, keeping promises, take the responsibility make us 

different. Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, 

principles, and expectations, and keep us go far.

→  Sustainable Developmentsustainable development for honglv capsaicin

For Honglv Capsaicin®, sustainability is the lifeblood of our business. We are committed to

continuously improving our social, environmental and economic performance to positively

impact our people, partners, communities, planet and marketplace.

→  Keep Innovationinnovation, honglv capsaicin

Highly taking the advantage of our social source and government support, we encourage our 

employees to provide new ideas, exchange ideas with each other, refine our technology, keep

study new conceptions. Through innovation and Continious explora, to find the effective 

method,and improves upon it in unexpected ways.

→  Teamworkhonglv capsaicin teamwork

Respect, learn from each other and get succeess together, Honglv Capsaicina® need great 

people who also have the capability of working together. Our respect for others and the value

we put on teamwork make us a unitied community people enjoy being part of, and this enables

us to deliver world-class performance.

→  Champion's Mindsetgoal, honglv capsaicin

Champion's mindset keep us running, and never give up, and push us doing things seriously, 

carefully, passionately, positively, and love our career.