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Yunnan Honglv Capsaicin Is Awarded As Excellent Enterprise In Biological Medicine Industry In 2017 China Innovation And Entrepreneurship Competition
Oct 17, 2017

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was hold in Septerber 2017, more than hundreds of companies participated in, and they cames from 6 industries, Internet and Mobile Internet, advanced manufacturing, IT, New Energy, saving and environment protection, new material and biological medicine from the whole nations. And there are 96 companies was awarded as excellent enterprises, 12 companies awarded as first-level hornor, 30 companies as secondary-level hornor, and 54 companies get the third-level hornor. Yunnan Honglv Capsaicin® was outstanding from 1271 companies in Yunnan Province, and eventually awarded as Excellent enterprise of first level honors, for our daring of challenging, and devoting to innovation. 

Honglv Capsaicin award 1.jpg