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Honglv Capsaicin Had A Wonderful Gathering In FIC With Our Clients
Mar 29, 2017

Honglv Capsaicin had a wonderful gathering and meeting with our Clients, there are many foreign visitors, and companies came to our booth, and communicate with our colleagues. They are impressed by our water soluble paprika oleoresin technology, and our own-cultivated chili planting base, and also our strict quality control and management to guarantee our product quality, and also the product traceability. 

Our sale respresentative, Susan, is a very lovely and passinate lady. She is a very professinal sales women, and met with our clients, visitors and give a fabulous presentation about our facotry, our planting base, our workshop, and also our international business service. Honglv Capsaicin FIC

All Honglv Team you are the greatest and have a wonderful performance these days. Thanks all the visitors, our dearest partners, and friends, and we are very happy to meet you there, and looking forward to meet you guys again in US, Thailand, Korean, and Germany again.