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Honglv Capsaicin® Declare All Chili Products Must Be No Sudan Dyes
Mar 09, 2017

First of all Honglv Capsaicin® declare all chili products must be no sudan dyes, and we are very serious to make a commitment to guarantee all of our chili products must be no sudan dyes, otherwise we will bear all the responsibility. In order to make sure all of our products safe and perfect, we request all of chili products, must be checked and analysized in the lab and keep the sample for each sending out products. We are clearly known the dangerous effect of sudan, and clearly know our reponsiblity of keeping our products safe to bring our customers health products. 

Let's talk about what is the sudan dyes and why it is so dangerous. 

Sudan dyes are Synthetic chemical dyes of similar chemical structure. They are oil-soluble, aromatic compounds containing azo group (-N=N-)  Sudan I,II,III and IV are red dyes that are used for colouring hydrocarbon solvents, oils, waxes, petrol, plastics and shoe & floor polishes, and Sudan dyes are widely used in commercial manufacturing to impart a rich red, red-orange or yellow-orange color to plastics and textiles. They are cheap and easy to obtain; for this reason, they have also been used for enhancing presentation of spices such as chili powder, paprika and curry pastes. While as sudan dyes have potential for genotoxic activity through formation of mutation-inducing DNA adducts, as well as allergenic activity. For these reasons, many countries ban their use in foods. Starting in 2003, the European Union took steps to eliminate foodstuffs containing Sudan dyes from entering the marketplace.

In 2003, the European Commission (EC) released an emergency measures decision (2003/460/EC) regarding Sudan dye adulteration of hot chili and chili products, requiring producers to test raw materials, releasing another measure in 2005 due to high levels of adulteration and food fraud involving this dye group. The importance of the measures in maintaining food chain safety became apparent during 2005, when the United Kingdom recalled Worcester Sauce contaminated with Sudan I, tracing the source back to a 2003 shipment of chili powder.

Danger of Sudan Dyes

- Sudan dyes are suspected carcinogens  

- IARC considers Sudan I,II,III,IV as Group 3 carcinogens

- Sudan dyes have been reported as contact allergens and sensitisers. 

Dynamic Detection for Sudan dyes in foodstuffs

It is worth noting, however, that as detection methods for one fraudulent additive improve, unscrupulous producers will shift to using other adulterants, as shown in work by Ruf et al.5 In a 2012 paper, the researchers reported detecting Azo dye, Basic Red 46, masquerading as a Sudan dye in sumac spice.

Using standard methods for detection (HPLC-DAD), the team could not identify any Sudan dye content but were perplexed by the intense red staining retained in the fractionation column. It was only when they turned to mass spectrometry that the illegal dye was spotted. Ruf et al. analyzed their spice sample first by liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) TSQ Quantum Discovery, and then by high resolution LC-MS using an Orbitrap Exactive HCD mass spectrometer (both Thermo Scientific).

Once they collected spectral data, the researchers then turned to searching online databases for information on the structure isolated from the spice. Finally, they confirmed its identity by comparing spectral data with LC-MS analysis of a commercial hair product containing Basic Red 46.

Honglv Capsaicin® Paprika Oleoresin, Paprika Extract, Paprika Powder are no sudan contain, here is our testing result from our local government institue. In China, Sudan is definitely forbidden to be added in food, with a very strict policy to control this. 

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