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Color Value Of Paprika Oleoresin, Paprika Extract, Oleoresin Paprika
Feb 02, 2017

Color determines the commercial value of paprika oleoresins and is generally associated with the quality of the sample:  the greater the coloring capacity, the higher the quality. The present study evaluates different parameters of color measurement, such as ASTA and tint determination. The latter does not give a real value of the ratio between the red and yellow pigments and is not a distinguishing parameter in most cases. However, combination of the information from the ASTA method with that of the carotenoid composition of the red and yellow fractions, acquired by HPLC, enables greater accuracy in judging both the quality of the final sample and the soundness of the process for obtaining it. Finally, an alternative tint determination is proposed, based on measurements at other wavelengths and using the appropriate extinction coefficients, thereby providing the composition of each fraction and the R/Y ratio, values closer to those of the actual sample.