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Academic Seminar on How To Make Chili Planting To Get More Harvest And Excellent Quality Chili
Feb 20, 2017

Honglv Capsaicin hold Academic Seminar per month, to train our farmers and technicals working in the chili planting base, our R&D stuff, agricutural experts, chili researchers and our lab workers are gathered together to study about how to make chili planting to get more harvest and excellent quality chili, and share their working experience, and lab achievement with the real work flied. 

Professor Xu, professor in Yunnan Agricultural University, with more than 10 patents for chili plantation, chili extraction, gives the lecture today and share all his study and experience for the chili farmers and our technicals, and advice our farmers to get more harvest on Chili and also the best quality chili. 

Professor Xu giving the lectureStrictly describe the chili plantingpatiently answer the farmers question

Professor Xu summarized the following points for the reseason why the farmers get low harvest, 

1. bad chili seedling lead to lower survival rate 

2. Inefficient and improper pest control lead to lower harvest

3. Planting environment

4. improper fertilizer condition

5. Farmming irregular

6. plant not in the right season 

And at the same time Professor Xu, gives us the suggestion on how to raise the haverst, 

1. Make earlier plan, and make clear prepration. 

2. Strictly choose the right land for chili growing, and the right people to handle it. 

3. Pick right time to cultivate the seedlings. 

4. accordinated with the climate, environment, and landing condition for fertilizing. 

5. scientifically use the pest control.

6. properly planting and cutting.