New Chili Breed

China is a big country in planting chili. It is rich in chili resources. For agricultural scinece and economy, we have to develop high value-added natural capsaicin products. 

Honglv No. 1 is this new type of chili, which ahs a very high level of capsaicin content. It was successfully bred in Kunming high and New technology development zone by the comoany in cooperation with relevant univeristies and professors and experts of the company in spite of all kinds of difficulties and a big sum of money spent. A test planting was made first in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan Province, which showed that the new kind of chili is suitable for growing only in Yunana province, where there is a plenty of rain, fertitle soil, mild and all-season-spring climate. 

In order to meet hte growing demand of market, the planting area of Honglv No.1 have been greatly increased. 

In 2015, there are 23,000 mu of planting areas.

in 2016, there are more than 100,000 mu of planting areas.

in 2017, there would be 110,000 mu, and the estimated output is 22,000 tons

So far, it have multiple points of testing base, covering 1000 mu for test example of new products and new strains, such as Honglv No.1 and Honglv No.2, Honglv No.3. It shows that the assay of capsaicin in the Honglv No.1 is much higher than India's Devil Chili.