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Paprika Oleoresin Water Soluble

Paprika Oleoresin Water Soluble

Independent Lab for Super Quality Control Color Value Rage from 6,600 cu to 200,000 cu Customized Oil soluble & water soluble red pepper pigments

Product Details

Top-2 Oleoresinpaprika manufacture in China since 2003!!!

We have been obtained the  ISO9001:2008, ISO2000:2005, Kosher and Halal international standart quality system certification.

Red pepper pigments red color paprika oleoresin Characteristics

- Dark red oil liquid, oil or water soluble, bright color with strong colouring, 

stable under light, heat and PH value.

- Low Heavy mental, Low Residual Solvent, gluten-free 

- Sudan I, Sudan II, Sudan III, Sudan IV, NEGATIVE all

- Thrid party, Eurofins/SGS Test

Water soluble Oleoresin paprika 

Emulsifier with stable and safe.. solubition is clear, transparency,,,,

10,000CU, 20,000CU,30,000CU,40,000CU and customizing your own color value is a great opition if....

Should the natural paprika oleoresin water soluble caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the food additive products for sale from our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, we can assure you that it will supply great benefits to your health. Don't hesitate to wholesale the online offer products with our distributor any more.
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