Honglv History

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 In 2003, Honglv Capsaicin has two wholly-owned subsidies, Wenshan Yongrun Capsaicin Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Jiaoduo Seed Industry co., Ltd. As the Predecessor of Yunnan Jinyun Natural Capsaicin Co., Ltd., Wenshan Yongrun Capsaicin Co.,  Ltd., was registered in Yanshan County of Wenshan City with registered capital 5 million RMB. 

 In 2009, it changed the name to Wenshan Yongrun Capsaicin Co., Ltd, with registered capital 30 million RMB, located in Yanshan County of Pingyuan Town, covers 45 mu with invested capital 150 million RMB and owns complete service system of production, processing and sales. It is a state graded high and new technology enterprise.

 In 2012, Yunnan Jiaoduo Seed Industry Ltd., Co. was registered in West Huashan Road of Kunming with registered capital 10 million RMB (the base is now located in Guangnan Town of Wenshan County in Yunnan Province). It mainly operates researches and development on new products, seed breeding and sales on chili seeds and young plant. 

With the more than 10 years development, Honglv Capsaicin cultivated many professioanl chili planting specialist from agricultral universities. And aslo Honglv Capsacin owns an intergreated and complete sets of advanced devices and quality equipment  for chili product deep processiong, such as coating, stoving, selecting, processing and standard lab testing, as well as favorable condition for storing and sun-drying. Honglv Capsaicin has multiple functional of testing base, covering 1000 mu for test new breeed of new products and new strains ( such as Jiaoduo No.1 and Jiaoduo No.2 etc). The operation mode is to set up company + cooperation + example base + farmer by relying on local specialized plantation cooperation. There are serveral service branches in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Gansu and so on. Honglv Capsaicin has also built partnership with Yunnan Agriculture and Science College and relevant research institutes in Taiwan to realize integration of chili breeding, planting and promoting. Honglv Capsaicin always set the operation goal to maximize the values of the enterprise and farmers and connect development of dealers and farmers with that of the enterprise to effectively develop and explore resources of human, treasure and materials.