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Capsaicin Crystals

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Natural Capsaicin, Pure Capsaicinoids and Dihydrocapsaicin, Chili Capsaicin Extract

Natural Capsaicin, Pure Capsaicinoids and Dihydrocapsaicin, Chili Capsaicin Extract

▪  Natural Capsaicin Vs Synthetic Capsaicin

▪  Super Quality Capsaicin Crystal USP29


▪  Natural Capsaicin Specification: 90%, 95%, 99% HPLC

Product Details

 Natural Capsaicin Crytals Synomyns/Identifiers

- Pure Capsaicin, Chili Capsaicin Extract, Capsaicinoids (Capsaicin crystals), Natural Capsaicin

- CAS No.: 404-86-4 

- Chemical Name: 6-Nonenamide, (E)-N-[(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxy-phenyl)methyl]-8-methyl. (E)-8-Methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide 

 Natural Capsaicin Vs Synthetic Capsaicin

1. Natural Capsaicin, also spelled capsaicine, the most abundant of the pungent principles of the red pepper (Capsicum). Capsaicin is the main capsaicinoid in chili, can reach to 60%, and at the same time Other capsaicinoids like dihydrocapsaicinnordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, and homocapsaicin co-exist naturally. 

While Synthetic Capsaicin is the purest Nonivamide, it is synthetic chemical, the content of nonivamide can reach to 90%. 

2. The SHU of Natural Capsaicin and Synthetic Capsaicin 

Natural Capsaicin SHU can reach to 15,000,000 SHU, while Synthetic Capsaicin only have 1,550,000 SHU;

3. Natural Capsaicin has been applied in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food, and some other biological industry, while synthetic capsaicin is used in agricultural, printing. Thus natural capsaicin is more safer to be used. 

Here is a fact, using natural capsaicin is better than synthetic, not only for its safety, but also about the cost. If you want more information about Natural capsaicin, please get contact with us. 

 Natural Capsaicin Crystals from Honglv Capsaicin®

- ISO, HACCP Certified Facotry

- Independent Lab for quality control

- Halal, Kosher Certified Natural Capsaicin Crystals Manufacturer

 Natural Capsaicin Crystal Specification from Honglv Capsaicin® 

Honglv Capsaicin can offer you capsaicin 90%, 95%, 99% for you. 

The following is the USP29 standard Capsaicin, commonly used in the market.





   White crystal





  Assay (HPLC)

   Capsaicinoids≥ 95.00%


   Capsaicin ≥55%


   Total Content of Capsaicin n' Dihydrocapsaicin ≥75%


   Total Content of Other Capsaicins ≤15%


  Melting Range



  Loss on Drying






  Heavy Metal










  Total Plane Count



  Yeast & Moulds



  E. Coli






You can review our natural capsaicin MSDS, COA, Data Sheet here, for more details, please get contact with us via

 Capsaicin Crystal Application 

As a special medical ingredient, 16 million shu pure capsaicin crystal is widely used in the pharmaceutical field to treat arthritis, muscle pain, backache, sprains and post-herpetic neuralgia etc.It is also a new environmental friendly pesticide, and can be used in the ship paint, tear gun, tear bomb and weapons. 

1. Natural Capsaicin for Pharmaceutical Application

Capsaicin is widely used in Pain relief related products, Noninflammatory products, Diabetes treatments, Weight loss products, Anti-oxidant products, Circulatory and blood pressure, and Chemotherapy.

2. Pepper Spray Industry

Capsaicn can be used as Riot control and personal defense, Gas granades, Aerosol products. Military and police related applications.

3. Pest Control Industry

Natural Capsaicin is an animal repellent that has also been registered for use with:

- Mammals, rabbits, squirrels, deer, voles, raccoons, rodents, cats, dogs, and skunks.

- Insects such as spider mites, lace bugs, and other invertebrates.

4. Marine Anti-Fouling

As an active ingredient to repel marine organisms.

- Marine anti-fouling paints.

*The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference. 

 Natural Capsaicin Crystal PackingStorage and Shelf Life 

- 10g/bag, 100g/bag, 1kg/bag, vaccum aluminium foil bag, (package details please check here, if you need customized package, please get contact with us, click here)

- Capsaicin crystal is highly pungency, Store in airtight containers in cool, dry place, preferably below 20C. Keep away from strong light and heat. Keep out of reach by untrained persons.

- 18 months if stored under ideal conditions.

Should the natural natural capsaicin, pure capsaicinoids and dihydrocapsaicin, chili capsaicin extract caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the food additive products for sale from our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, we can assure you that it will supply great benefits to your health. Don't hesitate to wholesale the online offer products with our distributor any more.

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