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Red pepper的副本.jpgApplications for Paprika Oleoresin 

  • ◎ Oleoresin Paprika:
    An oil soluble extract with standardised colour concentration, widely used in processed foods such as sausage, dressings, dry soluble seasonings, food coatings, and snack food seasonings. Several options are available with different concentrations, flavours and colour intensity.

  • ◎  Water Dispersable Oleoresin Paprika:
    A water and oil dispersible extract consisting of Oleoresin Paprika with food grade emulsifiers. This Paprika is the preferred product for emulsion type sauces and dressings, marinades, injection solutions, and wherever adding Paprika to the aqueous phase is beneficial.

Red pepper的副本.jpgApplications for Capsicum Oleoresin 

  • ◎ Oleoresin Capsicum:  Capsicum oleoresin is the name of the active ingredient found in cayenne peppers and chili peppers and is responsible for making these peppers taste hot.

  • - Beverage additive It has a pure and intense pungent flavor and keeps the inherent color and flavor of capsicum.

  • - Food additive  Make spice food.

  • - Pharmaceutical use This ingredient capsicum oleoresin is often added to medicated creams, lotions, and sprays in order to treat muscle or joint pain. 

  • - Self-defense  Capsicum oleoresin may also be used in pepper spray, a product designed to be used for self-defense purposes. 

  • - Cosmetic use   Tonic, Cleansing, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle. 

Red pepper的副本.jpgApplications for Capsaicin Powder 

  • Natural Preserver  Research and development of natural preservation complex has become a hot spot in food industry. red pepper contains a large number of antioxidant substances, which have antibacterial functions. Capsaicin has significant inhibition on Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis, Escherich ia coli, Staphylococcu saureus, and saccharonyces cerev isiae. 

  • Feed Additive  Capsaicin has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-toxin and activation of zymogen activity, to improve the body's immunity. wich made capsaicin can become an alternative to antibiotics. And also capsaicin is naturally extracted from food chili, which is definitely harmless to our animals health. 

  • - in 1993, Tellez took chick food, contains 18mg/kg capsaocom to feed new born Leghorns, The experimental results show that capsaicin treatment helps the cecal contents of pH was significantly lower, cecal epithelial cells and intrinsic layer thickness increased, and the ability of capsaicin can improve the resistance of the chicken intestinal Salmonella invasion.

  • - in 1999, Maricela applied different dietary levels of capsaicin 0, 0.76mg/kg, 12.26mg/kg, 35.26mg/kg, feeding White Leghorn chicken, the experiment results show that the addition of capsaicin had no effect on the production performance, while there is a significant impact on egg yolk color and carotenoids in egg yolk.

  • Capsaicin is not only used in chick feed and also used in poultry. 

Red pepper的副本.jpgApplications for Capsaicinoid Crystals (Pure Capsaicin)

  • ◎  Natural Capsaicin, also spelled capsaicine, the most abundant of the pungent principles of the red pepper (Capsicum). Capsaicin is the main capsaicinoid in chili, can reach to 60%, and at the same time Other capsaicinoids like dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, and homocapsaicin co-exist naturally. 

  • Pharmaceutical Use  Capsaicin is widely used in pain relief related products, non-inflammatory products, diabetes treatements, weight loss products, anti-oxidant products, and also circulatory, blood pressue and chemotherapy. 

  • Peppery Spray Industry Capsaicin can be used for riot control and personal defense, gas granades,a nd aerosol products.  

  • Cosmetic Use   Tonic, Cleansing, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle. 

  • Pest Control Industry Natural capsaicin is an animal repellent that has also been registered for use with: 

  • - Mammals, rabbits, squirrels, deer, voles, raccoons, rodents, cats, dogs and skunks; 

  • - Insects such as spider mites, lace bugs, and other invertebrates. 

  • Marine Anti-fouling Capsaicin As an active ingredient to repel marine organisms, Marine anti-fouling paints.